Saturday, 8 February 2014

Difference between Ghazal and Nazam .

Nazam and Gazal both are the form of Urdu poetry but have quite differences. When readers try to develop interest in Urdu poetry, while reading Nazam and Gazal they often get confused between Gazal and Nazam.  Both are very polite and meaningful forms of Urdu poetry. These are some common differences between Nazam and Gazal. 

Characteristics of the Gazal:
  •          Short in size
  •          Have Rhythm in phrases called matla.
  •          Ending point of Gazal used the poet name (pen name).  In Urdu it is called takhalus.
  •          Ends at makta.
  •          Pattern of all phrases have the same rhythm.
  •          Gazal divides into complete phrases or verses which gives complete meanings.
  •          By reading individually any verse doesn’t lose its meaning.
  •          Commonly verses are not dependent on each other.

Characteristics of Nazam:

  •          No size limits.  It can be very long or very short in size. For example Nazam Shikwa written by Urdu poet Allama Iqbal is very long. Another Nazam (poem) of Allam Iqbal is “Ram”. It is very short in size.
  •          Matla and makta are not compulsory for Nazam (poem).
  •          Verses of Nazam are bound to convey the complete theme.
  •          Verses cannot convey complete theme individually. They are interlinked.
  •          Nazam covers more areas than Gazal which is a descriptive form of poetry.